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Some of the best espresso you will drink!!

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Formula 6 is almost an institution it has been going so long. In the next breath we can only plan for so many months ahead as we just don’t know what we are going to be able to buy to make the blend up from. Coffee is still very much a seasonal affair, although there are some coffees that we try and keep for longer than just the breeze of a trend.

At the moment we are using:

20% 2016 Brazilian Nova Cintra (Mogiana)

20% Brazilian Santa Clara (natural)

40% Finca El Pelicano, Huehuetenango Guatemala

20% Costa Rica Finca El Recuerdo Natural Red Bourbon


.The blend elements are a-changing . Thank goodness for new crop deliveries! fresh additions to the blend make it both a challenge and a delight ..with ridiculously good naturals (where we can) and top estate coffees too. Also, the calibre of coffee in Formula 6 seriously takes some beating.

If you are a regular of Formula 6, you will notice that we have had another change…and we like to keep changes to a minimum to promote consistency…..This version welcomes in the possibly outrageous entry of  Finca El Pelicano and  Costa Rica Recuerdo Natural. The sweet clean acidity and fruit sugars work really well with ) Nova Cintra. We have increased the natural element by a further 20% as coffee can’t be too sweet, can it?.  We have been working with 16-18g of coffee into 45-50g of liquid makes for great shots of espresso and a complex existence in milk too. If you are brewing this really fresh and just don’t have the time to wait for the coffee to open up, by pulling 17-18g into 35g of liquid. you cancel out the negatives of a fresh long shot, but if you can wait, you can use less coffee and have better espresso.
Our current brewing temperature is in the region of 92-93 degrees and extraction is good from 23-36 seconds depending very much on the quality and condition of your machine and grinder.

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