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Simply Brazil Espresso

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Simply Brazil Espresso

Simply Brazil

Sometimes we get so carried away with our love for all of the things that we love in coffee, that we miss the point or drop the ball, in terms of simple ways we can make the fantastic coffees we buy taste better for people. This isn’t the words of a man of coffee who has lost his soul and fallen in love with second crack (dark roast coffee).

Simply Brazil is:

an understated name for some of the coffees we love, roast most often that have low acidity and enormous sweetness.

Hand on heart, we love this. All of the coffees are specialty grade. We source our Brazil’s direct or very occasionally we buy from farmers we know through a third party.

We now have an organic version, if you would like to compare?



My go-to recipe for Simply at the moment are:

Brew Temp: 93-94C

Dose: 17-18g

Milk-based drinks: 34-36g of espresso in 26-28 seconds (ish/ approximately)

Espresso: 45-55g 26-30 seconds

My target is just to try and get that super fruity sweetness and big chocolatey body.

Current farms: Boa Vista Anil natural, Tres Barras Estate natural, and Maria Branca.

See who is brewing JGC, many great people brew it here…



And occasionally I  write updates here


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