ORGANIC Simply Brazil Espresso

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Organic Simply Brazil or conventional?

Historically we have sold 90% of our organic coffees, as non-organic. Our reasoning has always been that we only buy coffee when we love it! By not telling anyone about our Organic coffees, the integrity, lower yields, and higher costs of production for our coffee farmers are wasted and we are on a mission to see if there is an appetite for change.
We have been roasting Organic coffee for our trade customers for some years now but have decided to offer it as a retail option as well. Several of our coffees are organically produced, traced, and certified by the Soil Association. We only roast Organically on #OrganicWednesday due to the extra steps involved to ensure the process is fully traceable organic, therefore if you would like to order an organic coffee you may have to wait a couple of days until we roast it on a Wednesday, if you have ordered non-organic coffee at the same time we will send the whole order at once to save on postage costs.

Simply Brazil is:

an understated name for some of the coffees we love, roast most often that have low acidity and enormous sweetness.

Hand on heart, we love this. All of the coffees are specialty grade. We source our Brazil’s direct, very occasionally we buy from farmers we know through a third party.

Currently we are using: Fazenda Jacaranda, Sitio Grota (main crop), Sitio Maria Branca and Fazenda Nobre.

If you would like to buy both to compare, you can find the other version here



Cup potential:

Sweetness, white fruit sugar, and a chocolaty finish as espresso. The espresso is super-sweet. In milk depending on your espresso recipe, you should get some more of the sweetness and bags of cuddly chocolate.

Recipe: 15-17g n a 1:2 ratio for milk and 15-17g on a 1-2.35.


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