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Guatemala Finca La Colina One Roast

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Guatemala Finca La Colina One Roast

Guatemala Finca La Colina One Roast

We last sold Guatemala Finca La Colina as a single farm in 2020. It was the first Guatemalan of the season then too. Over the years La Colina has been a fantastic coffee and this year is no different. I have duly taken La Colina home and brewed it with Severn Trent’s finest (!) as is my test of any coffee.  This is simply a very tasty brewed coffee that can be extracted as espresso with the right equipment. La Colina regularly features in Chapin, our long-standing, darker roast Guatemalan espresso.

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Farm: La Colina

Region: Antigua

Town: San Martin

Owner: Tony Medina

Varietal: Caturra

Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on patios.
Size of Finca: 179 Hectares

Coffee produced:4000 kg (avg. Year)

Elevation: 1,700 meters above sea level.

Temperature:16 – 23ºC

Shade Trees: Inga

Roast level: One Roast

Cup Potential:

|Aromatics: Ripe and fruity| Body: Medium | Acidity: Soft, stonefruit and citrus |

Brown sugars and ripe fruit with a long cocoa finish start this brew off. The fruit sugars and cocoa merge. On cooling there is stonefruit sweetness. Bag of sweetness and a relatively low, sweet acidity.

Recipe: 55-65g per litre

Espresso Potential:

Today I brewed this on a Linea Classic S at 94C, with an Anfim Pratica.

I think this is very okay as One Roast, however, I think the filter is better.

9oz Milk-based Drinks: This is subtle. Butterscotch and sweet citrus.

6oz Milk-based Drinks: Juicy fruit, chocolate milk.

Espresso: Bright, sweet, juicy citrusy.

Farm Info

La Colina is some 1700 Meters above sea level, and the name aptly translates into “The Hill Farm”. Tony inherited the land from his father, a bigger farm split between siblings, as often happens in farming families. He then named the farm La Colina.

In the beginning, Tony grew beans and corn, whilst learning about growing coffee from others. Coffee was the dream and in 1991 he slowly started planting a few coffee plants, the rest is history. Currently, Tony is planning on diversifying into new varietals and also improving drying by using raised (or African) beds.

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