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Chapin Blend – Los Amigos

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Chapin Blend

Chapin Blend – Los Amigos All about Guatemala

It is no secret that we don’t roast the character out of our coffees.

This blend is named (and originally designed for Colonel Grumpy) Chapin or Chapino; which is a friendly term for a person from Guatemala, a little like someone from the UK might be called a Brit or in Herefordshire “Buddy!”.

Chapin blend was originally designed as a single origin, all Guatemalan espresso. We just buy the very best single farms from Guatemala every year as we LOVE the complexity, sweetness, and brightness we get with the altitude. Chapin is a more developed roast than many of our other coffees. It cuts through milk with ease but also works as espresso, by softening the acidity by developing the level of roast a little more.

As a team, we have been fortunate to travel through Guatemala a few times over the years, including this year!. Over the years Guatemala has become one of our most important coffee origins for quality, variety, and consistency. Guatemala is the home of many smallholder farmers and we love things on a small scale.
This year Chapin is going to a new level as we have bought some extraordinary coffees we are mighty excited about. As the weeks unfold, the blend will become a little more interesting and as good as it ever has or could.

Cup Profile:

In espresso, when rested, this is juicy, sweet and clean. This has a big body, caramelised and rich. In milk, this is full-on grown-up hot chocolate.

Traditional Espresso: 16-17g into 40-45g 25 and above secs.

Bean to cup 19-22g  35-45g. Extraction time on taste.

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