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Free money anyone?

I was so tempted to fill the front of this post with a GIF of Robin, from Ghosts stomping around on a table, chanting Moonah Ston. Like many of my ideas, they are so niche (random) they won’t be funny to anyone else.


    About 18 years ago, we joined a food group for a time, called H.E.F.F. (Heart of England Fine Foods). We drove up to Edinburgh, to “do a show”. This encompassed driving overnight, unloading a shed load of equipment, and making coffee for 2 days, for a roomful of disinterested people. The show was a desert of potential. Great if you are in the sand business. It was a complete waste of effort, time, and money.

It occurred to me that it would have been much better business to hand out £5 notes to the people of Edinburgh and quietly say “this is from James Gourmet Coffee”. In 2003, it would have been who? What? It probably would be the same in 2021 to be fair. The best memories of that trip for me were driving up with my musician (and legendary) big brother, catching up with our cousin Ed after a  20+ hour day, and breakfast!

I just wanted to explain why we have allowed a finance company to stand-out in the cart of our website.

When Alex from Moona, floated the idea of our customers getting £5 off when they spent £10 or more, I was in. Who wouldn’t offer that? There are deeper reasons, why this is on offer. The important thing is, that in the next while, hopefully, (forever!) 2 years or so, this can take the edge off your coffee buying for home. I would be personally interested to hear your thoughts and how you get on.

Probably how it works

If you wanted to take on the financial giants of the internet, how would you go about it? The world is awash with money at the moment and if you are into algorithms and statistics (I am not clever enough BTW) you will probably find a pattern, that works out that when you give enough people £5 often enough you start to attract the giant retailers your way. This may be when we leave, who knows? What I do know, right now, that when you spend over £10 with us, using Moona you get £5 back.