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an arrangement to receive something, typically a publication, regularly by paying in advance. “make sure you get a copy every month by taking out a subscription”. Thank you,

What is a subscription to you?

I have always imagined a subscription for one of our customers as a monthly adventure into the kind of coffees that “we” like to drink. If I am honest, it hasn’t been our strongest point as for the relatively few bags we sell this way, I haven’t  R E A L L Y put myself in the footwear of the receiver, until recently.

Should there be a whole lot of Tik Tok and Youtube how-tos? Sparklers, fireworks, and being told it’s amazing?

What is a subscription to us?

Believe it or not, I feel that a subscription should be about more than the adventure of flavour. The coffees are (in my opinion) superb. All coffees that I am proud of. I also like the fact that you can have a 250g bag of specialty coffee in almost any volume for £5 for “traditional/ espresso” roasts and £6+P&P for filter or an Omni, which will only cost you more in other parts of the site or anywhere else, I suspect.

This is a certainty in uncertain times. Inflation is threatening from unsuspecting places at the moment. We just hope our coffee brings you in-cup satisfaction, we may not make up for it in hype.

Thank you if you are part of our coffee journey in any form. We (royally) and I personally appreciate it.

Our subscriptions are for the UK only at the time of writing.