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Peru (in a word)

You may have been one of the three people that read my post, full of questions about the Peruvian Coffee Dilemma, back in whenever it was? I am genuinely thrilled to be able to share with you some new coffees that are coming through over the next month. One of the loneliest moments in coffee is when you sample roast a coffee. You taste it and your heart wants to explode with excitement, but there is no one who can share the moment with. No one you can recall tasting “that sample” that changed how I felt about a country with! But that’s a tiny 1st world, very middle class, minor Covid problem.

On our Peruvian menu over the coming weeks (I am using weeks as a time frame because we have to give everything extra time these days) we have six lots. First up, we have some coffees from two inspirational young Dutch folks, who are working with micro-producers, from all over Peru. Theadros and Lisanne, both used to work with our friends at Trabocca. Theadros now lives in Peru full-time.

Coffee 1: Julia and Dionisia Romero Finca Tinajay from JuninNow available.

Coffee 2:Aladino Delgado Perez and Rosa Burga Vasquez Finca Aladino from Cajamarca (in the roastery)

Coffee 3: Ederson Melgarejo Huaman – Finca Nogalniyoc

Coffee 4: Rosas Rafael Yzquierdo – Finca La Flor – Utcubamba

Coffee 5; San José de Lourdes

Coffee 6: Finca El Cautivo La Copia, Organic

Coffees 3 & 4  are two Cup of Excellence national finalists/runners-up. The coffees somehow shrunk from their original lot size, but they are outstanding. 5 and 6 are grown organically and are also tasting great. If all goes to plan, the first will hit the webshop this weekend.

Signing off with coffees from Peru that are not vegative or tasting of candyfloss. This is the beginning of re-balancing values.

Happy Easter everyone (or both of you, I should probably write! xx)



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