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In a recent poll, it has been revealed that coffee has overtaken tea as our beverage of choice. This is the kind of headline that is branded on every newsfeed, just to get your attention. You can call me lazy, but the context is here. The sad thing is that the majority of what is consumed is not of the highest quality. I don’t expect the average household to drink rare white tea, at £150/Kg. Having said that when you drill that down to cup costs, it isn’t a million miles away from your bagged dust that needs milk to be palatable. This also leads me to the majority of coffee consumption and the quality involved. It’s all about mass-this-and-mass-that which is highly comparable to the tea industry.

The good news is that over the last few decades, there has been a high tide of new coffee businesses, very unlike the 1870s when tea was virtually a currency and the lifeblood of the city of London.