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This week, we are getting our metaphorical teeth into our new coffees from Tesfaye Bekeley, many of you will be more familiar with the name Suke Quto. These coffees are fantastic examples of what one man can achieve, with a little help. I was sent a video yesterday and Menno the founder of *Trabocca said an outstanding line, that slapped me in the face. Follow the link, if you like!

“If you don’t add value to your supply chain, you have no business being there”.

The relationship between Menno and Tesfaye is an example of a meaningful coffee relationship. With coffee purchasing rapidly changing in the industry, understanding what your supply chain is and who is involved, is also important.

I think that is a line to keep. There are no flies on Menno.

The video is to remind us who made buying specialty Ethiopian coffee possible and correctly this century and why we need to continue.

Rant over. Hope you enjoy the coffee.

*Trabocca is the original developer of specialty coffee in Ethiopia for Europe.