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Post World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024.

In the early days of JGC the late (and great) David Williamson MD from Matthew Algie worked with Graven & Renzo Mazzolini design studio, who are still passionate about their creation of Tinderbox today. Thanks for letting me use your image guys, too. As a tiny competitor, I was quietly shaking in my boots at the sight of this idea.

The Coffee Police are back?  We’re not talking message in a bottle but If you were around in the 90’s (the then privately owned ) Scottish roaster Matthew Algie had this idea. Kitted out with twenty Chrysler PT Cruisers all liveried up and uniformed to get out and answer every call about a bad cup of coffee made across the UK. They would have had a very full diary I am sure! In hindsight, this was genius marketing and ballsy with it. Here we are over 20 years later and you can print 2 words on a hi-viz jacket and you are the bee’s knees. Strut up and down like you are an authority. I’m not sure about you, but I don’t think this is new or a patch on the original.
Coffee Police 2024