Rwanda Bugoyi Anaerobic

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Rwanda Bugoyi Anaerobic

Rwanda Bugoyi Coffee Washing Station

Don’t panic, if you are seeing two anaerobic naturals from Rwanda, at the same time on our site. It won’t be for long. I am having a real dilemma as with some of the CWS (Coffee washing Stations) that we buy from just produce better anaerobic than they do washed coffees in my experience. The good news is that we have some classic, clean, washed Rwandan coffees on the way in. I love anaerobic processed coffees but love classic washed more, most of the time.  As with all things in life (and especially coffee) variety is the spice.

Top Trumps:

Name: Bugoyi CWS
Location: Buhimba village, Rutsiro district, Western Province
Manager: Munyurwa Claude
Altitude of the washing station: 1550 masl
Altitude of the farms: 1500- 1900 masl
Varieties: Red Bourbon (Merlot of the coffee cherry world, difficult to grow but with some of the best results)
Processing method: Anaerobic
Average rain fall: 1.4 Meters
Average temperature: 17,4 °C: Rwanda Bugoyi Coffee Washing Station

Roast: Light Filter

Cup Potential:

|Aromatics: Ripe, Rich and Boozy| Body: light-Medium| Acidity: Ripe and sweet.

On opening and hot, this is like super dark chocolate with a high cocoa content. Even at the early stages, there is a promise of bright, juicy fruit to follow, with a pronounced long finish. As the coffee cools, the borderline tart fruity notes soften and sweeten. If I am being (fruit) generous I might suggest peachy and strawberry fruit potential with rich chocolate and a ripe boozy element.

In Espresso:

Time: 28-35 seconds

Recipe for milk-based drinks. 16-18g into 34-36g

Recipe for Espresso: 16-18g of coffee into either 45g or 60g. I recommend exploring your shot length for espresso. See below.

Working from the biggest drink we do to the smallest.

In a 9oz milk-based drink, this is mild but with good organic whole milk becomes so nice on cooling. Creamy cocoa that is so deep with more chocolate flavour than just about any hot chocolate. Could this be because of their high sugar content?  As you brew this into a shorter 6 or 5oz, you just get chocolate twiglets! That kind of savoury cacao thing. As this cools to ambient there is a sweet acidity just peaking through the milk. (In flavour terms not literal, physical ones.) If I didn’t have so many other coffees to taste, this is a coffee that I could brew a bag of in all sorts of ways.

And now, the apex of extraction. The espresso! This has the perfect balance of sweet acidity and deep, ripe fruit sugars, with some melon and dark chocolate notes too.


About Bugoyi Coffee Washing Station

Close to Lake Kivu, with its gentle winds and amazing terroir for coffee. BUF used to have a mill there and I believe it was some of the best coffee they produced. At Bugoyi CWS there are community and post-harvest events that everyone can be a part of. Bugoyi is one of Emma Rusatira’s main CWS.

Emma supports farmers with access to fertilizers and donations of seedlings, helps them to check the condition of their trees, and trains them through the Farmer Field Schools with GAP analysis, aimed at understanding agronomic conditions, practices, challenges, and farmer attitudes. Furthermore, he supports the farmers by covering their social insurance and giving them second payments at the end of the crop and he is a big support for the smallholder producers.

You may ask: who is Emma? Emma is a man who has grown up without parents and supported his siblings as he grew up. Having worked in coffee for 15+ years till 2016, he founded Baho Exporters. Baho means to stay strong.


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