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ORGANIC Progress Blend

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ORGANIC Progress Blend

ORGANIC Progress Blend

We first started the Organic Progress Blend in the early 2000s. It was all about identity and “back in the day” there was a big requirement for more coffee, roasted darker. The plan was to have a blend with people behind it, it wasn’t the target market, but that has never been the point. Putting better coffee into places because we can is my idea of success. If our customers had been the buyers for JGC over the years, we probably wouldn’t be what we are now. Not that is a definite anything, just for reference. Progress was a name about making things better and the fist is a sign of strength and solidarity.


Organic Progress Blend is::

50% Honduras (currently) La Abeja

25% Brazilian Fazenda Jacaranda Organic

25% Brazilian Maria Branca Organic


Roast level: Developed espresso.


Cup potential: 💪⚡

Big body.dark chocolate, smokey.


If you were thinking about making 12 oz milk-based drinks, this would be a great place to start, particularly if you want to use great organic coffees. To get the best out of Progress, I like to rest it a good week before brewing as these more developed roasts tend to settle down and taste much better then.

16-18g of ground coffee into 32-38g of espresso liquid in 22-26 seconds for milk-based drinks. This makes bold, rich dark chocolatey drinks.

16-18g of ground coffee 40-50g of espresso liquid. 24 seconds and upwards. The Cafesmo Honduran element makes this a little winey and bright, which is (to me) awesome at this roast level.

Brew temp: 93C is my go-to start temp. I fear that increasing your brew temp here might make it anything but sweet.

Feel free to share your brews with us…@Instagram etc



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