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There is a lot of noise about these grinders. I have only just got my hands on one and I am really happy with it for a number of reasons. You don’t know how a grinder feels until you take it out of the box. (The whole opening the box is an experience too). The grinder is small (ish) but solid. No plastic in sight apart from the hopper. The extractions so far, after a small purging session are crystal clear and some of the best V60’s I have made.  Batch brewing and full-immersion have been some of the best brews that I  have had at home. I am seriously thinking about having a second one to use at work too.

We like grinders A L O T  at James Gourmet Coffee and there are some great things happening outside of our usual comfort zones of German excellence. The Ode grinder, from Fellow, is purely designed for filter brewing. This is really exciting for us as finally, filter coffee is starting to get some of the love that it really deserves.

Fellow themselves wrote this:

Features of The Ode Grinder

Single dosing is loaded through the top; up to 80g. This is great for most filter brewers.



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