Guatemala Finca El Witano Huehuetenango

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Guatemala Finca El Witano Huehuetenango

Guatemala Finca El Witano Huehuetenango Filter Roast

If I could, I would move Christmas to somewhere between now and August this year, because we have a bottle-neck of great coffees coming. The beginning of any harvest is exciting as we have so many different things to consider, with how coffees age and how we are going to use them. This micro-lot was such an easy coffee to share. Every time we have brewed it, it is just such a consistent, clean and tasty coffee.

Top Trumps

Varietals: Caturra, Bourbon.

Process: Fully washed

Altitudes:1550-1650 Meters above sea level.

Size of Finca: 2 Hectares

Farmer: Marvin Soliz and his brother, Antulio, who manages the farm.

Nearest town: San Antonio Huista, Aldea El Coyegual

Area: Huehuetenango

Country: Guatemala

Roast: Light-Medium Filter.

Cup potential.

|Aromatics: Fruit cake |Body: Light |Acidity; Sweet and Citric|

On opening, this is a really sweet, clean coffee. The nose rarely lies and true to form, there is a raisin/currant-brown sugar sweetness, with soft distant citrus. As the coffee cools the fruit calms a little and becomes quite fruit tea-esque. The body is light and the citrus is sweet and long. Over all this is a simple coffee of two main elements (in flavour terms). The brown fruit sugars and the sweet lemony citrus of both juice and finish, just keep me going back to taste, again and again.

This is an elegant filter coffee.

Current recipe: 60g per litre

Back story:

Marvin’s parents first sowed coffee some 30 years ago, at Witano. Later, he inherited the farm. Marvin spends much of his time working with the migrant workers, whilst his brother Antulio manages the farm. By helping guide them and keeping an eye on the ripeness of the cherries being picked, they can ensure the best possible quality of the coffee.

Witano is a local tree.





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