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Guatemala Catarina Ramirez One Roast

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Guatemala Catarina Ramirez One Roast

Guatemala Catarina Ramirez

There is coffee that is decent and pleasing and there is coffee that just makes you flipping joyous because it is that little bit better than you could have hoped for. Sound familiar? Guatemala Catarina Ramirez was really popular last year and I am a huge fan. It is a fine example of both the Huehuetenango region and great processing.

This is a micro-lot and one of the very best Guatemalan coffees that we have been able to get hold of this crop.  We have changed the status of this to a “One Roast” as it is so deeply sweet and has lots of soluble to cut through dairy, for those who like to.

Top Trumps

Farm; Yinta Witz

Size: 1 Hectare

Country: Guatemala

Owner: Catarina Ramirez

Nearest Town: Concepcion- Huista

Region: Huehuetenango

Altitude: 1560-1620 Meters above sea level.

Varietals: Caturra and Catuai

Shade Trees: Chalum and Gravilea

Process: Washed and sun-dried on the patio.

Roast: One Roast.

Cup Potential:🥣

Aromatics; A promise of tangy acidity and ripe fruits| Body Creamy on cooling| Acidity: Stonefruit & citrus|

On opening, Catarina Ramirez’s coffee is flawlessly ripe and sweet, with grapefruit lingering on the finish. Tropical, ripe fruit sugars (deliberate vagueness there) with that crisp, dry finish. On cooling, there are ripe, brown, and purple fruit sugars, that get rich and jammy. I have cupped and re-cupped this coffee over the course of a week and each time there is something new. It is home already.

Filter  60g per litre and up, for body.


Milk-based shots: Ratio (1;2) 17g into 34g in 25-30 seconds 93-94C.

9oz vessel, with whole milk. Cocoa nibs, creamy with a hint of mauve! (AKA promise of fruit)

6oz vessel milk-based-whole milk. Creamy, crazy fruit salad, citrus, ripeness

Espresso recipe: 17g into 45/50g of liquid in 28-35 seconds.

Vibrant, high-juice, ripe, citric, and long. If you didn’t need to run this for milk-based drinks at all. I would consider either increasing the brew temperature or running longer slightly quicker shots.

The rules are, there are no rules, if you are enjoying it!

Farm info

In 2013, Catarina took on Yinta Witz. Planting the first seedlings, some 2 years later. A first-generation farmer farming (what translates to be “The Front of The Mountain”) whilst her husband provides as a migrant labourer. Catarina is part of the (very new 2016) Sandero Cooperative that provides support to small producers. El Sandero is pro-gender equality and supportive of young producers.

Amongst the many reasons why this coffee is outstanding. I am of the mind that this slower fermentation due to temperature at altitude is a big part of the incredible sweetness in this lot. Attention to detail and small scale just makes this lot special. This is a farm to watch for the future.

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We have sourced this coffee via Primavera where we source our early-season Guatemalan coffees. They are award-winning in their model and though a young company, they are also coffee producers and processors. Caratina Ramirez is part of the premium “arcoíris” (rainbow) range, from Primavera Coffee. This range is the wild, fruity end of their offering, and coffees like this are worth their weight in loveliness.

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