Ethiopian Tabe Burka

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Ethiopian Tabe Burka

Ethiopian Tabe Burka Filter Roast

In quick succession, we have our second washed Ethiopian coffee of the season. The initial plan was to stagger these coffees, however, the uptake in single estate and single origin filter coffees has been mega in the last few months. On the plus side, we have coffees arriving from all over in the coming weeks, so more diversity to follow. With the promise of a few warm days ahead, this is just going to be a dream over-under or through- ice.

If you are new to the delights of washed Ethiopian coffees, these unique varietals are the bedrock of all coffee. Typically, Ethiopian washed coffees are incredibly clean, sweet, and incredibly complex. Due to the nature of a mill, and the numerous smallholder farms that deliver, mean that there will always be different varieties of coffee. There are literally hundreds. As an aside,  I have a theory about singling out coffee varietals, putting them on pedestals and charging a king’s ransom for them. The route that wealth takes is not circular.

Luck would have it that we are still allowed to use the name of this region.  Not many years ago there was an American coffee chain that tried to trademark the name Yirgacheffe.

Top Trumps:

Strictly speaking, this mill is from Uraga, which is Guji HOWEVER it is on the border of Yirgacheffe.

.Tabe Burka Mill Ethiopia

Altitude: 1850 Meters above sea level.

Mill Owner: Mr. Tadesse Edema

Process: Fully Washed. “Classic Profile”

Coffee Varietals: Mixed Heirloom

Roast: Light Filter;

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Deep| Body: Light and Tea Like| Acidity: Limey|

We have been brewing this in V60, Aeropress, and of course, cupping bowls~ which amounts to cafetiere without a plunger.

We have been brewing this on 60-65g per litre and it is such a great coffee for Summer. Lots of lime cordial-like sweetness, apricot jammy-ness and black tea. Yes, this has acidity, but it also has much sweetness. The longer you let this cool, the more you will get out of it.

 Mill Info:

Tabe Burka is based in the Uraga Valley, in Guji, although on the border of Yirgacheffe, where some of the smallholders coffee will be coming from. Mr. Tadesse Edema, the owner of Tabe Burka has 29 brothers, who all work in coffee. 29, wow! Mr. Tadesse Edemagets his coffee from 300 smallholder farmers, that form 5 groups. Many of the farms are paid ahead of the crop. This ensures the quality is delivered to the mill.





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