Ethiopian Bishan Dimo Mill


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Ethiopian Bishan Dimo Mill

Ethiopian Bishan Dimo Mill, Espresso

More Washed Ethiopian Coffee?

If you have read the filter roast description of Bishan Dimo, you will notice it is remarkably similar to the espresso roast. They are very close in roast, just the extra few degrees (seconds fo) development for espresso is so worth it, we feel.

With Ethiopian coffee, we are lucky enough to buy from some incredible private estates. There are also a number of washing stations that buy coffee from contributed to by many small farmers, such as Bishan Dimo. Bishan Dimo has featured in Operation Cherry Red in the US (I believe) and is a relatively new offering from our friends at Trabocca. This is just incredible if you like sweet, fruity, juicy coffee…

Top Trumps:

Location: Bishan Dimo Coffee Mill

Zone: Oromia  Region: Guji 

District: Shakiso 

Village: Hadeso 

Varietals: Heirloom (There are a multitude of between 6 and 10,000 unique varietals within Ethiopia and due to the many producers it is hard to be specific)

Altitude: 1850 Meters above sea level

Process: Washed

Roast profile: Super Light Espresso.

Cup profile:

The reason this is not down as an Omni roast is that there is more “magic” to come with this lot as an espresso roast, and a filter, separately. This is extractable as a filter brew, but we would use the filter roast fo that out of choice. Bishan Dimo espresso has lots of the fruit that we get in the filter roast. Sweet stonefruit, rounded citrus and the addition of a hint of roasted nuts.

Brew recipe:

Depending on your grinder and water, we recommend starting at 16g (coffee grounds) into 34g (espresso liquid). 23-35 seconds. When rested, we brew this a little longer, up to 48g of liquid as espresso. We are still finding shorter shots work better with milk. This works really well up to 9oz milk-based drinks.


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