• Ethiopian Uraga Gomorow

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Gomorow

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Ethiopia Guji Uraga Gomorow

Ethiopia Guji Uraga Gomorow Filter Roast

Here is our latest “Coffee of the week”. It has been a little while since we have had a fresh, new crop Ethiopian natural coffee through the doors of the roastery.

It turns out that we have had to adapt and we are now buying small amounts of coffee to stimulate coffee life within our own business as much as to appear alive from outside, oh and this is just, super clean and delicious.

In the cup, this is “Totally tropical”, he says, without trying to breach any copyright infringements.

Washing Station Owner: Mr Tateke Alemayhu & Primrose S.P. PLC

Varietal: Local Landraces & JARC74 selections.

Process: Natural

Altitude: 2200-2300 Meters above sea level

Town: Guji, Uraga Gomorow Kebele

Region: Southern Nations, Oromia, Guji.

Average smallholding: Under 1 Hectare

Roast level: Light Filter

Cup Potential: Aromatics: Floral & Tropical Fruity |Body: Etheral/ Light.| Acidity: Sweet and citric

This is a super sweet blend of soft citrus, ripe “purple” fruit sugars, and pineapple, that is so easy to drink.

Filter Recipe: 55-70g per litre. Soft water and good burrs will make all of the difference. If you have supa-dupa coffee brewing equipment, this is extractable as a juicy light espresso.

Primrose PLC works closely with the smallholder farms that deliver cherry to the mill. The coffee here is mostly organic, due to the lack of funds to spray. Soon the wet mill and many of its farmers will be UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. This is a huge and positive move.

Like many of our coffee partners, climate change is affecting harvests, due to extreme weather patterns, although you just wouldn’t notice it in the cup here. Another real positive to be buying natural process coffees is also the fact that there is much less water used in processing.

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