El Salvador Finca Siberia

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El Salvador Finca Siberia

El Salvador Finca Siberia One Roast

We bought some washed Finca Siberia back in 2008 and Elliott, our then young roaster, took it to the UKBC and opened up some people’s perception of coffee. Using high foamers and straws made from hollowed-out vanilla pods and the espresso made this out there cranberry cocktail. In context, the year before the idea of a blackcurrant tasting coffee drink at all at the WBC (in Tokyo) was alien. For the record, this coffee would have blown minds back in the noughties.

This little introduction is to remind or inform you that Finca Siberia is on the very steep slopes of the Ilimatapec Mountain Range and typically produces a  bright, clean coffee with some chocolaty element within the cup.

Top Trumps:

Finca Siberia: Owned by Rafael Silva.

Country: El Salvador

Area: Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range-Chalchuapa, Santa Ana

Altitude range: 450 – 1675 masl

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Harvest: December-February

Roast; Medium filter.

Cup potential.

Aromatics: Ripe, tropical, sweet    Body:  Medium-creamy   Acidity: Juicy and balanced

This is bold and bright when hot with big citrus and a tart dry finish. On cooling, there is mango, lime, and a flinty fresh juice. On the last pass, as the liquor cools, there is a stonefruit sweetness with profuse dry citrus. The anaerobic processing has softened and sweetened the classic Siberia profile.

Filter Recipe:

We have been brewing this at a starting point of 60g per litre in filter and 65g+ in full immersion.


Brew range: 16g +/- into 34g of espresso liquid for Milk-based drinks. 28-30 Seconds. Espresso 16-18g in 45-50g out in 28-35 seconds as a guide. We set our machines up on PID at 93.5C if that helps at all? If you like to take dialling to another level. You could take this to 95C to get more development and then knock back the extraction time by 3-5 Seconds.

As always, we have worked backwards with this coffee. We kept the roast light, which will be a challenge for some of you (sorry) but it was the right profile for the coffee, not the hedgehog (middle of the road, etc) as if everything gets darker for the sake of darker, what was the point.

In 9oz as a milk-based drink this more banana milk and cocoa.

In 6oz  Milk-based drink: oh the sweet acidity is citrus curd-like. If you “do acidity” this should make you smile.

Espresso: I am not quite sure how this works but a bright, vibrant filter that just becomes really sweet. Yes, it still has acidity but it is deep, jammy and sweet, boozy ripeness and a touch of umami. For me, the longer shots(60g) were a touch underwhelming, lacking after taste, acidity and sweetness.

Farm(er) Info

Back in 1870, Fabio Morán and Epifanio Silva decided to conquer the hostile territory of the Santa Ana region of El Salvador, sowing coffee trees in one of the highest summits of the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. They named the farm La Siberia, for its chaotic weather conditions, along with its difficult accessibility.

Because of its unique micro-climate, coffee matures later in Siberia than in the rest of our farms. Fabio Moran and Epifanio Silva used to bring the coffee down using mules. They would go up and down the mountain carrying, every single bag picked with the local workers.
One century later, Rafael Silva inherited the farm. He has worked it up to be one of the best coffee producing farms in the world.
The farm used to be 100% Red Bourbon, but Rafael Senior, who is always looking to improve on quality and productivity, decided to experiment with other varietals and processes.
La Siberia has four Cup of Excellence Awards: 2005, 2007, 2008, 2012.
When I visited a sister farm of Siberia (Finca La Fany) and met Rafael (senior) and Carmen, it was clear to see that they are religious folk.


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