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Decaffeinated Fazenda Klem Espresso

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Decaffeinated Fazenda Klem Espresso

Decaffeinated Fazenda Klem Espresso

Decaffeinated coffee has been somewhat of a challenge for us, as it is a small percentage of the coffee we sell but the quality and integrity is still really important to us. After profiling this lot, we found all of the profiles oddly enjoyable! ??? Usually, there is an element of every coffee that just doesn’t really work, however, Klem is this all-round easy going drinker.  You could brew the filter as a juicy espresso and equally, you could put the espresso roast in your cafetiere and it would be very O.K.

Farm: Fazenda Klem
Area: Matas de Minas
Country: Brazil
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Co2 Decaffeinated, Fully Washed.
Altitude: 900-1250 Meters above sea level

Roast: Trad’ Espresso Roast.
Cup Potential: Rich, chocolaty, savoury and a little nutty in milk. Juicy, grapy and chocolaty in espresso It is just so easy to drink. Minimal decaff taste.

Fazenda Klem made it to 3rd place in the Brazilian Cup of Excellence last year, scoring a whopping 91 points. The Klem family have been in coffee for almost 70 years and today they have partners they share their production with on a profit share.

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