Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda Filter

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Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda Filter

Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda EA Filter Roast

Before El Carmen and the Red Associations at Raw, decaf was almost a bi-product of fresh coffee. Today, when we have the luxury of a top coffee like this, it is easy to forget how fast things have changed. In the current climate, I just try and buy as much Raw Material decaf as I can, but the word has got out and demand outstrips supply today. Me and my big mouth?

Decaffeinated coffee is a revolution in its own right. When we were short, we had to buy a few lots that I wasn’t happy about. We are not about to play the increase the price to make this last longer, that would be pure hypocrisy.

Decaffeinated Colombian Risaralda

Producer groups: Santuario, El Aguila, and Entreverdes

Label: Risaralda

Country: Colombia

Altitude: 1400-2100 MASL (there’s a variation in altitude if I ever saw one)

Varietals; Castillo and Colombia.

Roast: Filter

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Caramel and Apple | Body: Creamy|Acidity: Red Apple and soft sweet lemon|

On opening (when hot) this is creamy, sweet and a little appley, with a soft lemony finish. From here on, everything just gets sweeter, creamier, and softer. Yes, no whiff of decaffeination. This is what decaf should taste like.


Recipe: 60g per litre works nicely.

This coffee is a blend comprising of a group of small producers, who are working under a sustainability program. This system takes the risk out of the lows of the market and ensures enough is paid to the producer.



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