Caffe’ Naturelle 250g



For those who haven’t brewed Naturelle before, the ethos behind the blend is all about organic ingredients. We sell it as both Certified Organic Naturelle (see our organic section) and non certified. Most of the time the blend is the same for both versions. In coffee terms, we try and keep THE VERY BEST Ethiopian coffee we can buy as the champion and then there are one or two base elements or carriers to elevate it. At the moment we are using;
Suke Quto from the Guji area of Sidamo in Ethiopia &  Brazilian Sitio Grota. This change is adding more almonds and chocolate in milk drinks and the espresso is still all about the Suke and the sweet acidity.

We have always brewed Naturelle lighter, to elevate the citrus and clarity. For the best espresso you can extract from as low as 14g into 50g as there is nearly always more sweetness with less coffee, in the next breath you can still make some great coffee using triple baskets and 21g’s….you just don’t HAVE TO up dose! Also in my list of growlings water is so important.

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