Burundi Gitwenge Washing Station

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Burundi Gitwenge Washing Station 

Burundi Gitwenge Washing Station Filter Roast

Not Chalk or Cheese!

It’s so easy to guess that two coffees from the same part of the world, region, district or even farm could taste similar. As we have found over time, there are so many different differences in coffee growing, that assuming anything is a sure way to being proved wrong really quickly.


Washing Station Information:

Region: Gatare, Kayanza

Varietals; Bourbon, Jackson, Mibirizi

Altitude: 1580 Meters above sea level

Process: Fully Washed

Due to the tiny size of most smallholdings in Burundi, it is not easy to buy from a single farm. Smallholdings that are under a hectare are also unlikely to have their own mill for processing. This is when a local mill or washing station comes in. Gitwenge has some 2,500 small producers bringing coffee in.

Cup potential;

For us, this lot is excellent and juicy filter coffee. Sometimes, we feel that an espresso machine is not the be and end all of brewing coffee!. Unusually zesty frontend, opening and sweetening up into mandarin-like citrus, that keeps on getting sweeter and sweeter. We have been brewing this between 55-65g per litre. This has a really light body and pretty much the only comparison a sane person could make between this and tea.

Espresso: This roast is extractable as espresso and it’s very decent, tight, juicy and lively. The reason that we are not recommending this is that for us, whenever it goes near milk, it dulls and looses its sparkle.



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