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Brazilian Boa Vista Do Anil Espresso Roast

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Brazilian Boa Vista Do Anil Espresso Roast

Brazilian Boa Vista Espresso Roast

Although we have been “ticking along” this year, somehow we have roasted our way through more Brazils than we planned. I say this because it saddens me to have to buy coffee from strangers when it always feels better to keep loyal to our long-term producers. However hard we try, there is no early shipping from Brazil. This means buying the best and tastiest fresh crop Brazils that I/we can get our hands on, which is currently Brazilian Boa Vista Do Anil.  Here is to our first new crop Brazil of the 2023 season! WooHoo!

Farm: Boa Vista do Anil

Region; Mantiqueira de Minas Brazil

District: Dom Vicoso

Owner: Emilia Ferraz Cruz

Farm Size: 72 Hectares.

Coffee production; 30 Hectares

Process: Natural.

Varietals: Yellow Catuai

Altitude: 1250 Meters above sea level, average.

Roast: Espresso

Cup profile

Aromatics: Chocolatey and juicy |Body; Thick and creamy| Acidity; Surprisingly juicy for a natural Brazil|

Flavour possibilities.

For the record, we are big advocates of milk-based espresso drinks going up to 9oz. It’s a long story and works well for everyone in the chain.

In milk, this is as comforting as something your mum might have made you at bedtime! Cocoa, rich chocolate, creamy and delicious. Without selling my soul (!) I could say “Classic Brazil” in milk, and more intensity as the drinks shrink.


Big dark chocolate up front, cocoa, followed by sweet white fruit and incredible juicy acidity. The acidity is comparable to a high-altitude Guatemalan coffee.


17-18g into 34g+ for milk-based drinks 24-30 seconds

17g into 45g for espresso. 26-33 seconds.

Such an easy and forgiving coffee to brew.

Farm Info

From the south of Minas Gerais, lies Mantiqueira de Minas. 82% of the farms are smallholders and much of the coffee is harvested and picked by hand. The whole Mantiqueira region only produces 1.37 million bags, from an area of 57,000 hectares. You can see the statistics from  Fazenda Brazilian Boa Vista Do Anil; Here


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