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Black coffee

Black coffee got a bad name.

When coffee is somewhere between, decent, lovely, and amazing, you just don’t need to add anything to it. Black coffee is not everyone’s go-to drink because they may have experienced darkly roasted, cheap commercial offerings that are widely available, and often underwhelming.

Dark roasts are often a way of hiding defects in coffee or the fact that it wasn’t great in the first place. By roasting darker, the subtle nuances and unique characteristics can be lost.

To choose the right coffee for you, I would start off by thinking a little bit about what you like. Maybe even buy a trial set of coffees that you can make a few brews of to see if this roaster fits your taste and pocket.

What I would stress is that black coffee used to be dark like treacle and things have moved on. Good tea and good coffee can sit next to each other and be virtually the same colour.

I wrote a piece about filter coffee maths here a while ago and I still love the idea of enjoying and making one cup of coffee at a time and it is important to me that it is an affordable luxury. Next time we should delve into finding what you like in coffee and how to navigate it.

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