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Three weeks ago, our friend, Elliot at Monkshood pushed us to get Winter Hoard ready, ahead of their big annual Christmas event at the manor. Sadly the event is a little like much of England at the moment. In more normal times Laurian from Cocoricco Patisserie is usually the first to come across and brew the Winter Hoard inside out, with me but hey! These two legends are always first and have been for years.

Around this time tomorrow Winter Hoard 2020 goes live.

There are a number of people who will be wondering what the combination is. The levels of acidity and sweetness.

It might be early but I think this is the year to have a few extra treats.

We have a few incredible and also exotic coffees on the way in and on a personal level I have my eyes on a few truffle cheeses that my friend Mark is bringing in. Did we ever talk about coffee and cheese? We need to.



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