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Sometimes our job is to ask odd questions and it amazes me that Google has decided that people’s taste is still back in the 1990’s. I used to jest about the top 10 coffees in the world (which weren’t, just that they were the most known). So for a bit of fun, I thought I would share these as it shows that either Google is very out of date OR crowds (AKA the majority of the population) haven’t changed where they see the value in great filter coffee.

Coming in at Number 8:  Taylor’s of Harrogate’s After Dark. As the name might suggest this needs milk and as a roasting style, I feel Taylors tend to be focussed at a very particular market. They are a good company though, in OK!

Number 7: Whittard: Santos and Java. Well! I am going to keep this a shallow evaluation, but let’s say this name was acceptable in Whittards’ first life.

Number 6:Equal Exchange: Women Farmer Roast; Good ethos, and actually roasted for filter. Are we getting somewhere?

Number 5:Percol Black and Beyond Espresso. Seriously? Come on Google/ people! Espresso. Filter.

Number 4: Climpson and Sons Sumatra Wahana. Good job Climpson’s. This is a good farm (many of us have bought from) and Wahana coffee can be superb….and an independent roastery!

Number 3: Hada Del Café? Anyone? Me neither. It’s big on Amazon (apparently) and proud to be darkly roasted and Nicaraguan.

Number 2: Carluccio’s Caffe Milano Espresso. Hello? I would 100% forgive Google here if it was the late Antonio Carluccio. He stood for greatness and although I didn’t know him, you have to respect what he achieved. However, this is espresso not filter coffee.

OK pop-pickers, if you haven’t skipped over this line, the big deflating reveal:

Number 1: Finally a coffee from a place that grows coffee. I know a number of people that will share my amusement/annoyance when they see this. OK. Probably THE most over-priced, over-rated (apart from civet, cat poo) coffee ever….J A M A I C A-B L U E  M O U N T A I N!

We still have work to do, to achieve change. Maybe I should do a prediction for this list in 10 years’ time? Or alternatively a Top 8 during the year in 2020. That could be fun.

A final note on this subject; The moral of the story is don’t get Alexa or Google to order your coffee as it could be old stale and very very dark.