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West Street Kitchen (Bristol)

We thought we should start our News, with a team or James Gourmet “Family” story.

If you are reading this as a James Gourmet customer and have been with us for a little while, wherever you are on the planet, you will most likely have met and or tasted coffee roasted by Nathan. We were lucky enough to have worked with Nathan for some 6 years, so far and he is without doubt, the most affable person I have ever met. Nathan is “that guy” who could make amazing coffee for you as a stranger at 10 in the morning, be blowing the froth off a cold one a few hours later and mending your car by the end of the week. Nothing is ever too much trouble. Nathan and Millie are such a great mix. Millie is an amazing maker of cakes and a  gifted chef too and cooks with an open heart, creatively. It always seems to be about making everything just that bit better because you can, and if you can, you absolutely should. This is a rare ethos that I love.

Completely  wrongly, we were nervous for Nathan and Millie, as they worked so incredibly hard to get West Street Kitchen open. Both working full-time whilst doing long hours building and making the shell of 55 West Street into something unique, during evenings and weekends, right up to the opening night, on a shoestring. No chain budgets, real life struggle.

On the other side of opening the doors, both Nathan and Millie are working very hard still, making West Street Kitchen a social and restorative oasis. I can heartily recommend a visit or 3, as everything about it is inviting. I have been again in the last week and am already looking forward for an excuse to take the family down to eat there again.