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Although the name gives it away, I have been to a few shows lately and have come to the conclusion that most “coffee shows” are a bubble. Competing for the biggest space to tell your competition that you have spent more. More is more, all very dull stuff, all ego, and no real customers. Coffee is still up there with the biggest commodities and is big business if that floats your boat.

There is one show that we have been to for most of its 20-something years of history. The Forest Showcase. Run by two ladies, Amanda and Rachel. this event feels like the best kind of “old school” gathering you could have. For the record, I didn’t enjoy school much, but if it had been about food and local produce I might still be in deepest, darkest Wiltshire today. Who knows?

It feels like a village for the day, where some truly fantastic characters get together and share how food should be and still can be. It feels like a privilege to be there with this wonderful crowd. I daren’t mention anyone in particular as I might forget someone. Even recurring jokes from years ago start at least an hour before it opens.

It might sound mad, but it also takes a lot of planning to make sure everything is in tip-top condition too. Because we are not in the business of Shows, it can take ages (like most of a week) to have everything ready, in the Landrover, ready to roll. Then a day of cleaning up afterward. It is still good fun and all about the conversation.

The handsome young couple in the middle are Nathan and Millie of JGC and Little Feast Food. I am the aged cheddar on the Left and my fabulous support, the other half (and logical side) Anni is on the far right.