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I think there are a few of you, who will get this better than others. I am referring to the fact that we have been battling with trying to do the right thing with packaging. We spent the equivalent of a Land Rover (good country measure) on recyclable bags, just over a year ago. The problem was that although recyclable, this was ahead of time and our Germanic suppliers were better at selling things than delivering promises. Our next move was to look at the degradation of coffee in bulk food grade containers. This is great if you all used 12 Kg boxes and we could collect them every week, knowing that they had been stored in a clean food-safe environment. Yep, this isn’t a winner either, as the hiden costs also ramp up.

At the end here, the slightly bad/sad news is that we have reverted to metalised bags in the short term, as Eucalyptus (soon to be the new black, in compostable, degradable material is only viable if you don’t want valves and do want minimum runs of 200,000 pieces) Booh! I here you and I cry. The good news is that by the Summer (March is the Indian official launch date) we have compostable bags on the horizon again. As soon as we have seen and trialed there will be a meaningful update. We will get there….