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What is  W I N T E R H O A R D?

As the name might suggest, it is a fruity, ripe juicy cocktail of a coffee blend. During our year, we buy many fantastic coffees. We save some of our favourites that work in a certain way! This year WH is an Omni (from 3 different countries) and works well as a filter or juicy espresso. It is a different year, with different coffees. Winter Hoard 2022 is something quite special. We have tried many combinations of our favourite coffees and profiles and finally, we are happy. Think (alcohol-free) coffee negroni, just better?

Why is it still here?

Winter Hoard is still here because of the expectant buzz from home users, wondering when it will be ready. Every year without fail, our friends at Monkshood order it before it’s the finished article. they chivvy us along to getting everything sorted in good time.  Also, we really love the process of sourcing for it and then brewing it a lot over the coming months, into the next January. Yikes.

And as a little extra bit of happiness for you, we have held the prices of WH from last year.


and links if interested…to a few of our favourite coffees of the season.

Kenya Thiriku peaberry (Revolution)

Ethiopian Guji Suke Quto Natural

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Tebebu Roba Natural

Uganda Rwenzori Natural.

Roast: Medium Filter, very extractable as espresso and works well in milk. Non-dairy milk may be weird with this.

Recommended recipes;

I think WH is a true “One-Roast” this year. There is great soluble (strength even though it is a light roast) and it is everything I love about the hoard in ripeness and sweet acidity.

Recommended recipes;

Espresso:  Brew temp 93-94C: Extraction 28+ secs : Espresso ratio: 1-2 Resting is good for this coffee if you can bear it? Being a lighter roast, it is brewable sooner than a more traditional espresso roast.

Filter: 60g a litre and up for tasty filter.

Roast: Medium Filter

Cup potential:🥣

Aromatics: Citrus|  Body: Light-medium | Acidity: Citric and tropical.

Well someone had to evaluate and write this up, and it is no sacrifice I must add.
When hot, this is bright, pithy citrus, that has a promise of much ripe fruit. As the heat starts to drop things start to open and sweeten up, pushing that early citrus, further down the pecking order. Passionfruit frontend, fusing into a long creamy and grapefruity finish. The cooler the liquor becomes, the greater depth of fruit. (At this point, I am standing amongst good yet basic coffee-making equipment struck with the variation of water, temperature and the freshness of burrs and beans; wondering just how little these words may mean…). On the final pass, there is subtle boozy sweetness, currants, mango and a vibrant sweet acidity.

Espresso: Brewing Guide For Winter Hoard 2022.

9oz milk-based drinks. Creamy fruit salad. This shouldn’t work as well as it does.

6oz Milk-based drinks Intensely fruity and just more of everything.

Espresso:  Brew temp 93.5C+:

Extraction 25+ secs :

Espresso ratio for milk-based drinks: 1-2  or 16-17g of coffee into about 34-35g of espresso liquid.

Espresso ratio 16-17g of espresso in -45-50g Although this is a relatively light roast, it doesn’t need to be an extra long extraction. Also don’t feel trapped by fashionable videos encouraging you to use 19g of coffee into 32g. It isn’t bad or wrong, it is an opinion. Sometimes worth a try too. I am aways looking at ways of making coffee better.

Resting is good for this coffee if you can bear it. Being a lighter roast, it is brewable sooner than a more traditional espresso roast.

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