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What is  W I N T E R H O A R D?

As the name might suggest, it is a fruity, ripe juicy cocktail of a coffee blend. During our year, we buy many fantastic coffees. We save some of our favourites that work in a certain way! This year WH is an Omni (from 3 different countries) and works well as a filter or juicy espresso. It is a different year, with different coffees in. Winter Hoard 2021 is something quite special. We have tried many combinations of our favourite coffees and profiles and finally, we are happy. Think (alcohol-free) coffee negroni.

Why is it still here?

Winter Hoard is still here because of the expectant buzz from home users, wondering when it will be ready. Every year without fail, our friends at Monkshood order it before it’s the finished article. they chivvy us along to getting everything sorted in good time.  Also, we really love the process of sourcing for it and then brewing it a lot over the coming months.


and links if interested…to three of my favourite coffees of the season.

50% Kenya Thiriku Peaberry revolution

25% Ethiopian Bule Adado Natural

25% Colombian Rosado Bourbon Finca Betulia.


Recommended recipes;

Espresso:  Brew temp 93-94C: Extraction 28+ secs : Espresso ratio: 1-2 Resting is good for this coffee if you can bear it? Being a lighter roast, it is brewable sooner than a more traditional espresso roast.

Filter: 60g a litre and up for tasty filter.

Roast: Medium Filter

Cup potential:

Aromatics: Marmalade|  Body: Light | Acidity: Low and Sweet Citrus.

In a filter, this is a glass (in my case) of complex, sweet, tropical fruity sugars. The juicy complexity keeps on increasing and at every degree of cooling another subtle twist. Boozy candy, floral, jammy, sweet and with a lingering citrus finish.

In espresso-based milk drinks, this has as balanced fruit as in the espresso. No exaggeration.

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