Uganda Rwenzori Washed Filter

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Uganda Rwenzori Washed Filter

Uganda Rwenzori Washed

Here is our one and only washed coffee, roasted for filter brewing, from the Rwenzori Mountains this crop. It is very easy to overlook well-produced washed coffees, with the incredible natural processed coffees that we are seeing currently.. This might not be the holy grail of specialty but buying coffee isn’t all about buying the top 1% and selling it for telephone numbers.

This year our Ugandan coffees are so different from other seasons. A combination of buying from the West (West is best?) rather than the more famous coffee-growing areas in the East, such as Mount Elgon, bordering Kenya. Isn’t it funny, how we used to use the border as a point of reference, rather than the country itself? With these Western gems, there is more body in the cup and it is literally perfect for Autumnal coffee drinking. If all goes to plan, we should have this lot for 6-8 weeks. Holding our price from 2022.

Farm Stats

(Top Trumps if you prefer)

Farmers: Smallholder farms average size of 1/2 hectare.

Mill; Rwenzori Coffee Company

Area: Rwenzori, westen Uganda

Altitude: 1200 to 2300 Meters above sea level

Varietals: SL28, SL34

Process: Fully washed

Roast: Filter.

Cup Potential 🥣

Aromatics: Chocolate orange| Body: Creamy (on cooling)| Acidity: Soft orange citrus|

From the off, this promises all things chocolate, in a clean positive way. As soon as steam passes from the coffee, and the liquor is approaching “normal drinking temperature” there is a sweet orangey acidity that emerges, without any sours or dominating. The body builds to a point of creaminess. The sweet acidity fades and the finish is akin to a good oxford marmalade.

In a batch brew filter, this is just the easiest coffee that empties itself from the flask. Truly, the easiest coffee to quaff.

Local/ Farm Info

This coffee comes to us via the Rwenzori Coffee Company and Omwani. This is the sum of many smallholder farmers, with great processing. I have written a little more here, to save you from having to read the same words on 3 different products from the same mill. These are exciting times indeed for Ugandan coffee.

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