Uganda Rwenzori Washed Espresso

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Uganda Rwenzori Washed

Uganda Rwenzori Washed Espresso

There is a renaissance of using washed coffees in espresso as single origins. Clarity in the cup and good clean fruit doesn’t always follow in other processes. Personally, I just love variety in coffee, but that probably isn’t a big surprise.

Farm Stats

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Farmers: Smallholder farms average size of 1/2 hectare.

Mill; Rwenzori Coffee Company

Area: Rwenzori, westen Uganda

Altitude: 1200 to 2300 Meters above sea level

Varietals: SL28, SL34

Process: Fully washed

Roast: Espresso

Espresso Potential.

Recipe:16-18g into 32-36g of espresso liquid in 25-30 seconds. 93C seems to work.

9oz Milk-based drink: Bold and chocolatey.

6oz Milk-based drink: Sweet, citrus and cocoa.

Espresso: 16-18g of coffee into 45g of espresso liquid 26-30 seconds.

Uganda Rwenzori Washed Espresso has a big body and all of the chocolate, followed by an Oxford Marmalade style citrus and a cocoa finish. Simple and delicious.


Local/ Farm Info

This coffee comes to us via the Rwenzori Coffee Company, and Omwani. This is the sum of many smallholder farmers, with great processing. I have written a little more here, to save you from having to read the same words on 3 different products from the same mill. These are exciting times indeed for Ugandan coffee.

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