Timor-Leste Laclo

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Timor-Leste Laclo One Roast

Timor-Leste Laclo

Last year, I was shell-shocked by just how lovely and different coffees from Timor Leste can be. I don’t know about you but; every day I want coffees that excite me. Without sounding too dramatic, the Timor Leste natural processed coffees were (are) incredibly clean, ripe, and rather delicious. Consider my hat eaten.

As a point of interest, Timor-Leste naturals are currently more expensive than Burundi and up there with some of our top Ethiopians. This is a really good thing.

Top Trumps:

Region: Ermera
Country: Timor-Leste
Altitude: 1400 – 1500 MASL

Variety: Hibrido de Timor, Moka, Typica

Process: Natural

Screen Size: 15+

Roast: One Roast (light)

Cup Potential:🥣

|Aromatics: Ripe, sweet and fruity| Body: Creamy on cooling| Acidity: Soft, shy, and jammy |

On the nose, this is a lot of things. Sweet raw pipe tobacco, ripe fruit, and, a hint of good things from the bakery. On opening, there is that wonderful surprise of clean, yet ripe fruity natural processed coffee from Timor Leste. In a cupping bowl, this could not be much sweeter. Brown sherry and jammy pip-fruit are gentle and soft on the palate. As things cool a little there is a brief nod of acidity, followed by some reassuring tannins and a little dark chocolate. The body is light and the liquor is ripe and deeply sweet. This is startlingly good for its origin and so far above my expectations, once again.

Filter Recipe:

65g a litre in cafetiere works well. In V60, I have been using up to 70g a litre in a V1 (1 cup) and it has been such a nice change at home.

Espresso Recipe :

(Advanced) This is not the easiest coffee to brew at home. I have had the best results close to 95C. If you are stuck at say 93C it will be okay, just not as good, with more sours in the cup. I also had to challenge a new semi-home grinder in terms of how fine it would go and consistently grind and dose.

17g in 50g of espresso liquid in 30-35 seconds.  Red fruits like pomegranate crossed with cranberry, with a touch of savoury/ umami. Intriguing and definitely a coffee to go back to for a second shot.

In milk-based drinks, this just works in our standard recipe of 1:2 (1 part coffee into 2 parts of espresso out in grams) 16-18g into 32-36g out in 30+/- seconds,

9oz: malty, savoury, creamy with a touch of ripe carob on cooling.

In a 6oz drink with the same 1:2 espresso, this is soft, shy with jammy fruits. Cosy, warming, and tea-like.

About this lot:

Timor-Leste celebrates its 20 years of sovereignty this year (2022). Agriculture is very important to the national economy and coffee is a highly valued export.  Coffee is the second-highest earner for the country after oil, with 37% of households dependent on coffee for income. Historically, coffee production is low-yielding and badly paid in Timor-Leste with prices formerly based on the commodity market. Raw Material Coffee has been instrumental in finding markets for higher quality coffee and solving the diverse challenges of selling in the specialty market; helping with financial, legal, cultural, infrastructural, and technical issues.

This coffee has come via Raw Material, a not-for-profit company that reinvests all of its profits back into its and our coffee producers.

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