• The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

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The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

This project started in the Summer, a few years ago now. Barry Colenso, who has a distinguished career in the chocolate industry is someone we have known for some years now. You can read a little bit more about Barry and our chocolate here. We go back quite a long way. Soon, we got the idea that like coffee, chocolate can be Rosie, bubble gum-like, or even smoky, and we started to get it!
We have chosen to work with chocolate from Huila, Colombia (the same area we often get coffee from). It is 65% and is in Large button form. The chocolate is really rich and has hints of rye and peat and is creamy and long-lasting! Naturally, we bring the chocolate in quite frequently and have to operate a regular “QC” (Quality Control) system, just to make sure your chocolate is as good as it should be. The sacrifices we make in a day’s work??
Due to the high cocoa content these melt with ease in whole, hot, textured milk.

Recipe (for those of us not munching on the sofa)

We recommend using 20g of this chocolate in a 5-6oz cup. For me, this is about super high quality and a chocolate drink that is chocolaty and as luxurious as can be.

Whatever anyone says about using good quality chocolate like this; more is more.

Tip: Chocolate melts really easily in the microwave, just keep a close eye as it can burn very easily.


Chocolate is changing. It is finally becoming the norm to have chocolate from sustainable sources. These buttons are part of a project that started at the beginning of the 1900s in Colombia. This is a long-term, multi-layered project that is about education, empowerment, and the environment. For us, it’s a relationship too.

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