• Sage barista Pro black truffle

The Smart Grinder™ Pro in Black Truffle from Sage

£199.99 £174.99


There are not many home grinders out there that can compete with the Sage Smart Grinder (TM). Without boring you too much with my opinions about everything coffee and grinders, I have briefly listed why this is a good grinder.

  1. Most grinders are good for filter or espresso.
  2. For under £200 at retail, it is a very good value grinder.
  3. Two-year warranty on a sub £200 home grinder is also generous.


  1. It is a little slow and noisy compared with spending upwards of £1000+VAT on a commercial grinder. Less money on grinders and burrs usually equates to lesser coffee output.

On a personal level, I use an old Ditting deli grinder at home, until the new Ode grinders come; it is as much an act of recycling than it is anything else.  We have various sage grinders in the roastery which we use for all sorts of things, including colour charting and decaf.

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