• The Awesome Indian Foursome

The Awesome Indian Foursome



WHAT IS THIS?!!! A taster from our friends in Southern India.

Please note we only have a limited amount of these beauties available.

So we have put together four of our favourite things, from southern India. that you will not be able to get elsewhere without much traveling!

1 x 250g  bag of Mooleh Manay. The super-fruity natural.

1 x 250g bag of Kanbile Washed. Chocolate & candyfloss

1 x 100g of Fresh Black Peppercorns from Mooleh Manay Estate. These peppercorns are vibrantly warming, spicey, and freshly harvested. Our peppercorns are technically brown, as they have not been quenched (soaked in water) and we think they taste all of the better for it.

1 x 50g  of The Nilgiri Tea Company, Nilgiri Pearl .

The Awesome Indian Foursome

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