Tanzania Ngila Estate. Glanmalure

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Tanzania Ngila Estate. Glanmalure

Tanzania Ngila Estate. Glanmalure Yellow Honey One Roast

My personal experience with Tanzanian coffees is that in the past they have been the poor cousin of Kenya when it comes to cup quality. There has always been magic in the cup (in a good year) but it has been the challenge of getting well-harvested, high-quality coffee, delivered in good condition, to the UK. This year has not been the easiest when it comes to moving coffee either.

We have bought you various weird and whacky processes this season, but now, to finish up our Tanzanian offering we have a small quantity of Vera’s Kent Yellow Honey. Vera is an award-winning coffee farmer and produces some incredibly consistent beautifully clean coffees. We have plans to buy more from Veera in 2022 and beyond.

Top Trumps

Farm: Ngila Estate.

Area: Arusha Northern Tanzania

Process: Yellow Honey (Pulped natural)

Varietal: Kent

Altitude: 1560-1640 Meters above sea level

Roast: Medium/light filter

Cup potential:

|Aromatics: Sweet, ripe Tropical | Body: Light| Acidity: Ripe Plum|

On opening, this Yellow Honey is a perfect balance. Sweet and ripe fruit married with dark cocoa that is quickly followed by a tail of what feels is going to be passionfruit. As the heat dissipates the fruit opens up. Sweet yellow and green plums, brown sugar, maple syrup, and lemon curd potential. Delicate, clean, and wow!

Farm Stuff

The Ngila Estate is based on the slops of the Ngorongoro crater and they have been growing coffee for over 100 years. Ngila has a set-aside 80 hectares of preserved rain forest that reaches 1800 meters above sea level. Ngila is certified by the Rainforest Alliance and uses natural insecticides, like Neem extract, and mineral fertilisers.

Glanmalure is the name of a specific area of Ngila and this is a well-developed lot from the main crop that is representative of the farm. Ngila determines the trees that they are going to pick using a Brix meter, picking is selective and sorting is very intensive.

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