Tanzania Blackburn Estate

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Tanzania Blackburn Estate  

Tanzania Blackburn Estate Espresso 

From the side lines, Blackburn Estate might just look like another nice coffee, from Africa! The reality is that it has been through a roller coaster of popularity (in World Barista and Brewing Events) and in some crops it has delivered some less than spectacular coffee. This hasn’t been the fault of the farm, this has been more to do with shipping issues, delays in ports and shortages of containers, coming out of Africa at peak times. These are often the tales that no one tells or hears. The harvest, good or less than perfect is still sold through some channels as a commercial necessity.

It is so easy to treat a coffee unfairly, like tasting a single farm Tanzania next to a Kenya or washed Ethiopian. It’s like putting the amazing young Anthony Joshua up against a school weakling or the village idiot (!). The chances are we know who would win! On the basis of comparing apples with apples and oranges with oranges, Blackburn estate is back and tasting really good, I mean as good as I ever remember it. Big compliment.

Farm Stuff.

Owners: Michael and Tina Gehrken

Country and Area. East of Oldeani, Tanzania

Varietals: Kent and Nyassa

Process: Shade grown and fully washed

Altitude: 1760-1950 Meters above sea level.

Cup Profile:

This is simply, refreshingly tasty! In espresso: This roast is developed beyond filter yet a little lighter than our House Espresso’s like Formula 6 or Simply. Working well from 9oz downwards in milk-based drinks, with ever more complexity the less milk is involved. Using standard dosing of 17/35g. In espresso 17g-45g, the whole cherry/ red berry, grapefruit, and black tea come to life.

Michael got the bug for Tanzania, when he visited in the early 1970’s. In the 1980’s he moved into the house his family owned, that had been inhabited by baboons. Since then Blackburn estate has been a way of life and also an ecological project. The farm is almost fully organic, with 84% of the farm, being a nature reserve. This is a potted history as you will find a much more detailed version of blackburn estate here.

Some of the best coffee we buy is grown by farmers who purely grow it because it fits in with their environment.


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