Sítio Maranhão South Minas Brazil Filter Roast



Sitio means small-scale farm in Brazil, as opposed to Estate, Hacienda or the more familiar name Fazenda. We are really happy to be able to bring you this coffee. It is a privilege to work with a small family (farm) who are just starting out in speciality coffee. Delivering a coffee of this quality is a mammoth task, however, when you understand their personal story of hardship, you just want to support them.

Claiton is a driven young man, with a big heart. It is great to be a part of what he is working towards. We are looking forward to catching up with him in the Summer.

Farm: Sítio Maranhão
Farmer: Claiton Delgado,
Region: South Minas
Varietals: Catuai and Mundo Novo

Cup profile: Depending on how you are brewing Maranhao, it can be a little like a Tanzanian coffee, with brown sugars and juicy red currants and white fruit sugars. Whatever does happen, it is seductively sweet and just gets better and better. Easy drinking, a coffee to drink all day.
Roast level: This is a light filter roast

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