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Sage “The Oracle”

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Unsurprisingly, as you spend a little more, you just get a better piece of equipment. I apologise for the random analogy but: There was a time when I deliberately bought vans without power steering that also had small engines. You had to really beat them to make them go and getting from one corner of the country to another was a real feeling of achievement. In some ways it was. So you could be very happy making coffee at home on a Bambino or a Barista Pro. However, The Oracle has more going on than just another boiler.  As with the other models, set up is simple.

  1. Take it out of the box.
  2. Soak the filter for 5-10 minutes.
  3. Wash out your tank.
  4. Put your filter in.
  5. Fill the water tank.
  6. Fresh beans in your hopper.
  7. Get grinding.
  8. Where the other models have grinding time and levels of coarseness, The Oracle has a single control, that does the same thing.
  9. You can set the temperature and texture of milk or steam manually, whilst also extracting espresso and grinding!
  10. You can adjust your pre-infusion.
  11. This machine even presses (virtually tamps) coffee into our portafilter.
  12. The skills needed for this machine. Pressing the “On” button. waiting 7 minutes to heat up. Putting fresh (JG) beans in the hopper and occasionally putting some milk in a jug.

This is like a toy box for someone who might like to fiddle around a bit with their coffee but doesn’t have to. This is a really easy machine to use. Set up is straight forward but there is scope to be nerdy if you want. One of my biggest frustrations with coffee machines years ago was that grinders were so hard to calibrate you could blow a kilo of coffee just trying to get close. The Sage machines are really easy to set up and usually within a few shots, you are making good coffee.

Many a coffeeshop will not be able to compete with how good you make your coffee at home. If your beans are fresh and (here’s the big one) you get to make your coffee exactly how you want it.

On the plus side, these are incredible value for money. For repeatable drinks, this is great.


2 Year sage warranty.

Telephone support

Free Coffee!

There is a slight delay, in deliveries at the moment, but it is genuinely getting better by the week. We are continually re-ordering to re-stock for you.



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