• Rwanda Rwamatamu Natural. Wild, complex and sweet.

Rwanda Rwamatamu Natural One Roast

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Rwanda Rwamatamu Natural One Roast

Rwanda Rwamatamu Natural One Roast

When I roasted the pre-shipment sample of  Rwamatamu Natural, it struck me as being very okay! may be a little too clean and a bit too safe. My hunch was so wrong I have been beating myself up ever since. This naturally processed Rwanda takes me back to the first experimental naturals that BUF produced, just (sorry not sorry) better. In short, all of the rich brown sugars with another whole layer of orangey fruit. We have been limited with our supply, due to not spotting this gem of a coffee earlier on.

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Top Trumps

Country: Rwanda
Region: Western Nyamashake
Processing Station: Rwamatamu

Process: Natural
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 – 2000 m.a.s.l

Cup Potential 🥣

|Aromatics: Big Ripeness | Body: Creamy | Acidity: Orange and soft brown ripe fruit|

Unlike any other natural I can remember (and let’s face it there have been a few!) this is positively different. On the front, you have Cocoa, fig, dates, and all of the brown fruit sugars, layered with a sobering, sweet orange acidity. Over the minutes, the orange blends, seamlessly into the brown, ripe fruit sugars. This just gets sweeter and sweeter. The frontend sweetness eventually melts into the brown fruit sugars. “Note to self, this is so good, I am not sure I want to share it!”

If you are a fan of all things clean and bright, then this will not disappoint in a V60. For me this is really at home in a cupping bowl or Clever Dripper.

Filter recipe:

60g a litre in batch or 65g in aeropress.

Espresso Recipe:

Ideal brew temp: 95C.

Milk-based:17-18g of coffee into 34-36g of espresso 27+ seconds

Espresso: 17-18g into 45-50g of espresso in 27+seconds.

9oz milk-based drink: Think subtle, creamy boozy bananas and cacao.

6oz milk-based: Ripeness, boozy fruit sugars and  decadence

Espresso. If you were expecting sours, you would be wrong, unless you were brewing it like a dark roasted coffee, which it isn’t! Soft, ripe, and sweet fruit sugars, lime and orange acidity. So balanced.

“If in doubt, taste it!”, as a former world champion barista once told me.


Farm Stuff

Rwamatamu is a farm and a mill. Initially, both were launched in 2015 aiming for financial gain but also contributing to the fight against poverty in rural communities through harvesting coffee. The farm at Rwamatamu has 20 hectares of coffee production, and the other coffee that they mill and export is from local cooperatives and small producers too. 80% of their employees are women. Their goal is to build healthy relationships with the community based on common values and goals. This is done by committing to a regular purchase of beans and investing in the growth of employees.

How are you brewing this? Feel free to share with us @JGC Instagram

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