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Rwanda Rwamatamu Espresso

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Rwanda Rwamatamu Espresso Roast

Rwanda Rwamatamu

You may have seen this as a filter roast, and for us, this is the natural habitat for bright, juicy, clean, and delicious African coffees. You may have noticed that we like to play, and this led to an espresso profile, which I  R E A L L Y like too. With a little patience setting up, this is espresso that makes me smile. There is no need for elongated shots and going to abnormal lengths to extract something coffee-esque. This is developed enough to be pretty easy.

There is a little bit more information on Rwamatamu here

Top Trumps

Country: Rwanda
Region: Western Nyamashake
Processing Station: Rwamatamu

Process: Fully washed
Varietal: Red Bourbon
Altitude: 1800 – 2000 m.a.s.l

Roast level: Dark Filter/Medium espresso. Very slightly lighter than our standard blends.

Espresso Potential

|Aromatics: Marmalade| Body: Medium | Acidity: Orange, Lime|

Espresso recipe: 16-18g of coffee into 45-55g of espresso in 26-30 seconds. Brew temp 92-94C

A week from Roast Rwanda Rwamatamu Espresso comes into its own. The shots smell like old-fashioned Seville orange homemade marmalade. They are a balance of all things orange and citrusy, brown sugars, and some savoury chocolate in there too.

Milk-based drinks: 16-18g of coffee into 33-34g of espresso liquid in 26+ seconds.

In a 9oz drink, using whole dairy, this has all of the lovely sweet lactic richness, with a little chocolate and this zesty, citrusy edge. More citrus than chocolate.

In a 6oz, this is richer and carries more of that orange. Such a nice drink.

Farm Stuff

Rwamatamu is a farm and a mill. Initially, both were launched in 2015 aiming for financial gain but also contributing to the fight against poverty in rural communities through harvesting coffee. The farm at Rwamatamu has 20 hectares of coffee production, and the other coffee that they mill and export are from local cooperatives and small producers too. 80% of their employees are women. Their goal is to build healthy relationships with the community based on common values and goals. This is done by committing to a regular purchase of beans and investing in the growth of employees.

Best brew? I have really enjoyed this coffee a week from roast in a Fellow Stag Pour Over, this gave me the best of both worlds, based on 60-65g per litre.

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