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As you may know, we have bought coffee from Buf washing stations for a long time and that is where our first loyalty lies. This season I wanted to bring another dimension, from Rwanda alongside our usual offering, and have bought in an experimental lot from Nyamasheke. One of the great advantages of experimental and exotic coffee processes is that our producers feel more valued when they produce a small parcel of unique high-quality coffee. It is like leaving a calling card, for the whole chain.

Some of the text in this product description has been written by the producers themselves. It seemed only right.

Top Trumps:

Name: Gasharu Coffee Washing Station
Location: Macuba Sector, Nyamasheke District, Western Province

Foundation year: 2014
Manager: Valentin Kimenyi
Number of farmers: 1650

Varietal: Bourbon
Processing method: Anaerobic/experimental fermentation 72 hours/ dried on raised beds.
The altitude of the farms: 1600 – 2100 masl
The altitude of the CWS: 1670 masl
Average yearly rainfall: 1300-1400 mm
Soil: Acidic Soil
Projects: Support farmers in organising as cooperatives and train them in governance and finances so that they can have savings for the future.

Roast: Light Filter

Process: Ireme

The Ireme (Authentic) experimental lot is inspired by the emotional connection of our family to the coffee community as a whole. Coffee farming, processing, and distribution for consumption have been kept in silos and our family believes that this can change. The idea of this coffee is to provide the most authentic coffee cup of Rwandan coffee to coffee lovers, making the consumer think of the producer as the grower also keeps the buyer in mind when processing the coffee.


Cup Potential:

|Aromatics: Cacao, Fruity, Boozy| Body: Creamy| Acidity: Soft, sweet, and plummy.

On opening, this coffee is sweet and jammy. After a few sips, there is the most complex cup. Soft citrus, a touch of rich chocolate and nutmeg. On cooling the layers (as it were) unfold and there is a red grape, rum, and plum combination that is just incredible.  The savoury of the dark chocolate makes this next level, with the softening of the acidity.  If coffee could be a Jaffa cake, this would be it, just better…if that makes any sense at all?.

In Espresso: Time: 28-35 seconds Ratio 1:2 for milk-based drinks. I like to extend my shots for espresso.

Due to the lightness of the roast, we recommend extracting this coffee for a little longer than standard espresso, if you can. The espresso is intensely bright, citric, juicy, and complex. As with the filter, the depth is incredible. I am wondering what was going on, as I preferred this as a 9oz milk drink to any other brew coming out of the espresso machine. The levels of soluble for such a light roast are astounding. Bags of complex boozy fruit.

On reflection, I have enjoyed this most in full immersion, cafetiere or the Fellow Duo Steeper

About Gasharu Coffee.

In 1976 when he was 17 years-old Celestin Rumenerangabo, my father, planted his first coffee trees in Nyamasheke. As a farmer and buyer of cherries, he grew the business to what it is today. We now have 2 washing stations, Gasharu and Muhororo, and can export beans from nearly 1650 smallholder farmers directly. Over the last 43 years, we’ve maintained an unwavering dedication to making the highest-quality coffee we can. Coffee has been critical to rebuilding our community after the 1994 Tutsi Genocide and it remains an important part of our culture and ways. With local businesses being taken over by large multinational companies, we are aware that we have to make Gasharu Coffee more resilient. We have improved our sourcing and processing methods, encouraging curiosity about innovative ideas to take coffee to the next level, producing naturals, honies, and experimental processes like this one.




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