Rwanda Bwishaza Washing Station

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Rwanda Bwishaza Washing Station

Rwanda Bwishaza Washing Station Natural One Roast

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have a coffee gap, in the form of a Rwandan natural. This is literally an excuse for us to bring you a coffee from our friends at Omwani. One of my favourite things about natural process coffees from Rwanda (in general) is that the lightest roasts deliver lots of sweet ripeness. Alongside this there is soluble. The lightest roasts that you can brew through filter and espresso, without compromise.

Top Trumps:

Washing Station: Bwishaza

Varietal: Red Bourbon

Process; Natural

Altitude: 1600-2000  Meters above sea level

Ownership: Co-operative of over 600 members

Location: North of Kibuye, Lake Kivu

Soil: Volcanic.

Harvest: June

Roast; Light Filter, makes great espresso too.

Cup Potential:

Aromatics: Ripe and fruity| Body: Creamy| Acidity: Soft and sweet.|

This is one complex coffee in a cupping bowl. Due to the light ferment, the fruit element is broad and changed rapidly in the session. We started with both figgy sweetness and strawberry acidity, married with subtle citrus and dark chocolate.  On cooling, the fruit sugars become more ripe, tropical, and the finish pomegranate.

In batch brew and V60, I found that a lot of the “natural” sweetness was reduced and there was more of a citric element in the brew, more like a washed coffee than natural.

In espresso: The shots are stunning based on 17-18g coffee into 45g of espresso in 30-35 seconds. For milk-based more: 17-18g into 35g espresso liquid. Milk-based drinks up to 9oz are like drinking fruity shortbread and the shorter milk-based drinks are more of the crazy fruit and delicious. What can this coffee not do?

Mill info

Bwishaza Mill is based near Lake Kivu on the Eastern side of the lake, in the West of Rwanda.  Some of the best coffee that BUF ever delivered was also from this area. Bwishaza mill is owned by its members and also works with over 300 other local farmers. Like just about all coffee in Rwanda Red Bourbon is the varietal of choice. This makes comparing coffees in Rwanda is interesting as the variables are fewer, but overall the cup quality is incredible and progressive with it.







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