Rwanda BUF Kivu Belt

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Rwanda BUF Kivu Belt

Rwanda BUF Kivu Belt One Roast 

If you didn’t know anything about Rwandan coffee, in a nutshell, it is typically bright, clean, juicy and fruity. More fruit juice than coffee in flavour. Most often it is bourbon and the combination of high altitudes make it strikingly different and arguably some of the best coffee from the African continent, if not the world. OK I have said it.

We have followed this lot of coffee since last summer when the pre-shipment first appeared. Even then the tight sour acidity had promise and today, after the hold-ups in port this is little short of amazing.

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Country Rwanda

Province Western Province

Region Nyamasheke District, Lake Kivu

Varietal Red Bourbon

Process Fully Washed

Washing Station: Murundo

Roast: This is a balanced filter roast. we have found a recipe with maximum sweetness and roasting out those slightly pithy elements.

Brew: In Filter, 60g / Litre or 110 for 2 Litres for bags of sweetness. Espresso based drinks 16/17g into 35g 25-35 seconds.

Flavour potential;

Filter; Sweet citrus (think orange) blackcurrant and brown sugar. This is deeply sweet and fruity. Espresso: Unsurprisingly, putting a filter roast into an espresso machine was always going to be juicy, however the lighter roast makes for a bright, zingy, tangy, lively espresso. In milk-based drinks, this is more like a creamy fruit pudding (posset if you will?). For both brews, everything was better after 3 days from roast. Espresso will of course improve even more to day 10 and beyond.

Some of the best coffees that we have bought from Rwanda, over the years have been from BUF Cafe’. The duo of Epiphanie (the founder of BUF Cafe’ and mother of) and Samuel has been incredible for coffee and humanity.

The potential for coffee from the Western province of Rwanda is literally amazing. Some of the most rich volcanic soil, coupled with the highest ground and warmest climate make it ideal for coffee cultivation.

Murundo Mill has some 200-300 producer, suppliers. Murundo is owned by Teuscher Invest. A business initiative that started in 2009 includes Rwandans from within, abroad and friends of Rwanda choosing to work hard together with the community in the West part of Rwanda.

Their mission is to ensure a bright future for the next generation by producing high-quality coffee expecting profitability and economic development.

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