Peru La Copia, La Union 


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Peru La Copia, La Union 

Peru La Copia, La Union Filter Roast 

What a great coffee to break in 2019 with? Hitting the roastery on the last few days of 2018, that we have taken time to rest and roast to various different levels to find just where this works.

Peru is delivering some truly excellent coffees. A combination of different factors is making it attractive at the moment, which I will elaborate, in true inarticulate fashion here.

Top Trumps

La Copia, La Union Information:

Farms: La Naranja, La Piña & El Cedro

Varietal: Yellow Caturra, Bourbon & Typica

Processing: Fully washed & dried on patios & finished in African beds or solares

Altitude: 1,900 to 2,000 metres above sea level

Owner: Martin Santos Zurita, Tomas Bueno Medina & Anibal Peña Altamirano

Town / City: La Union, La Coipa

Region: San Ignacio, Cajamarca

Cup Profile:

Soft citrus, umami, some fresh crop “tannin” apricot/ stonefruit sweetness.

Recipe: 60g a litre upwards.

Farm Info

This lot is made up from the produce of three small family farms, from the Santaurio (Sanctuary) group. This is a producer group who share growing experience alongside a passion to protect in the buffer zone of the Tabaconas – Namballe National Sanctuary. This environmental placement is important to Santuario, as the company prioritises environmental conservation and biodiversity.

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