Organic Peruvian Flor del Nortes 

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Organic Peruvian Flor del Nortes

Organic Peruvian Flor del Nortes Filter Roast

In the struggle to be noticed in a crowded coffee world, some people in coffee now refer to Peru as an emerging coffee producer. If you have read my descriptions before you may also be aware that I use places like these to ask meaningful questions that will never be seen (officially at least) by the offenders and due to their odd context will never be answered!.

It is true that Peru has produced some incredible coffee in recent years, but it is often co-operative based and not a new phenomenon. Much of the coffee world relies on Peru for very affordable high-grown organic coffee. In the latter months of the summer, I was offered “micro-lots from Co-ops” that were 1100 bags. This is nonsense. What I did come away thinking was that the real difference between a high-quality Peruvian coffee and an average one is something like £3500 per ton and about 10 seconds in a drum.

The above waffle is not an excuse but more a quandary.  The coffee world is one of smoke and mirrors and often misconceptions. The majority of coffee drinkers would be happy with the cheaper darker option.

Top Trumps

Peru – Flor Del Norte, Huabal – Organic Farm: El Guayaquil, La Guayaba – Amongst Others

Varietal(s): Typica, Caturra & Bourbon

Processing: Fully washed & dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1,900- 2,000 metres above sea level

Owners: Coronel Cervera Orlando & Wilmer Linares Banda

Town: Huabal

Region: Cajamarca

Average farm size: 2 hectares

Certifications: Organic, and can be roasted as such.

Roast: Light Filter

Recipe: 60g per liter just works.

Cup Potential

Aromatics: Green tea. In the cup; Apricot, blackcurrant, and candyfloss and green tea. Much of the complexity with this coffee happens as it cools, otherwise, you can get a big sweet candyfloss cup with a promise of fruit, as it were. Super light (borderline etherial) body.

Farm Stuff

This lot is the product of two small farms, based around the town of Flor del Norte. farms are relatively small in this area of Peru. In Flor del Norte there are only 45 households and a population of about 200 people. The contributing farms of El Guayaquil and La Guayaba have been cultivated for more than 50 years, with the names of each farm chosen in honour of trees or natural features on the farm that stands out among the wilderness. This is often symbolic, as names are dedicated to a tree that grows successfully on the farm. Profit from coffee farming is often small; however, families in the region have created a living for themselves and their families, relying almost solely upon coffee for income. Any fruit trees or other produce is grown on the farm is often reserved for personal consumption.







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